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Nov 14, 2014
Hello I am a level 45 wizard who recently got into Dragonspyre. My resistance is 10% for everything. Is my resistance to low?

-Cole Stalker

Oct 09, 2011
At that level, you can't get very much resistance anyways without sacrificing other stats. I think you'll do fine.

Jul 27, 2012
As a master thaumaterge my school is, and hopefully I get the words out right, focused on resistance and damage. I am currently level 43, so I cannot get Dargonspyre gear. Although my mooshu gear has high resistance, I expect Dragonspyre to be higher. And currently my resistance is higher than 10% (and this is gear any school can wear).
In my opinion, resistance and damage is what should be focused on when finding gear. And for health I rely on daggers and rings, and then of course there are also jewels.
So far in my experience this gear has done me good in a battle, and I expect when I get 45 level gear it will be better than my current stats, which are 20% resist and 15% damage.
So, in shorter words, I don't think 10% resist is high enough. Although for your school you might think differently than I do when buying gear.

Hopefully this helped
Have a nice day

Nov 14, 2014
Thanks for your advice. I am now level 59 and I still have 10% resist

-Cole Stalker

May 12, 2012
Cole Stalker on Nov 27, 2015 wrote:
Thanks for your advice. I am now level 59 and I still have 10% resist

-Cole Stalker
Once you're moving into Avalon (at around level 80), you will want more resistance. You could bump it up to 15 or 20.
~ Ali <3
(I have had experience lol)

Nov 25, 2015
My resistance is in the early 20's and I'm very much like a storm glass cannon except I'm death with a low health 2,000.
Anyway your probably wearing heartsteel and has equipped equipment with little resistance.
This is fine though although if you want to get a little farther go up to 15 resistance.