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Ranulf Moonclaw

Feb 07, 2009
Ok, so I'm a level 48 myth wizard and the tower to get orthrus is really hard!!!!! and why can only you go in and no one else?!?! I keep dying

Jun 09, 2009
wizziewiz98 wrote:
Ok, so I'm a level 48 myth wizard and the tower to get orthrus is really hard!!!!! and why can only you go in and no one else?!?! I keep dying

Tips from a grand conjurer

Stack up on minotaur minion
Use minotaur minion ASAP in all fights
Fill all potions
Use treasure cards to sacrifice minion for health when possible
Don't use potions if you have enough health (max health is 2000, but you have 1500 after a fight)
If I remember there are 4 or 5 floors including Ranulf

Aug 22, 2009

Yeah, me too! I'm stuck on it too! I don't know why they only let one person in though. Like, if there is two myth people they should at least be able to go in together. I am stuck with this, and I'm almost level 49. It would be great if we could go in with at least another myth wizard. KI, please consider this. It would be very helpful to all myth wizards out there.

Scarlet Silverspear lvl 48 Myth/Fire/Storm

Suri lvl 17 Ice/Balance

Scarlet Lionrider lvl 7 Death/Storm

Jul 08, 2009
Here are some tips coming from a Grand Myth:

-Have a friend stand outside the tower so you wont have to do the entire thing to get to it again.

-Be armed with kraken, Stormzilla and wild bolt treasures. They will annilalate anything thats myth.

-The golem and minotaur are your best friends in the fights with myth guys.

-Converts + Earthquake/Minotaur = 1 Hit KO (or at least leave your enemy in the red)

-If you use crowns, A henchmen/potion will make it 100% easier

-Have both sacrafice and donmate power spells if the minion is being useless and you wanna bolt them.

Mar 26, 2010
Just so you all know, you can run in and out of that specific tower after each fight, and you don't have to redo the entire thing. You can go out, heal, and head back in and there's no penalty for it. But, the tower for Ranulf is the only one like that that I have seen so far.

Artur RoseHammer
lvl 49 Conjurer

Aug 22, 2009
Me again. I have leveled up and I still don't have my orthrus. I am almost a Grandmaster and I have been trying to do this for months. MONTHS. ANd my friend, when she leveled up to get her grand spell, she got it the same day she leveled up! Come on! All I do now is pet training. I have almost nothing to do so I really need help on how to pass it. Thanks to any tips!


Silverspear, Lionrider, Dragonheart.

lvl 49 Myth Fire Storm

lvl 13 Death Storm

lvl 7 Blanace Life