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Question about the Tower of Archives

Dec 23, 2008
It seems that I'm stuck. I've defeated all of the bosses and done all of the quests (even the side quests). But I'm not getting any kind of notification in my quest log about going on. I was told that after defeating Zarathax (which I've done twice now) I should have been sent to Milos to get a quest to go to The Plaza of Conquests. I didn't get anything. So I went back to defeat Zarathaz again to see if anything changed. Again nothing. I went to Milos and all that he talks about is collecting the books around Dragonspyre. I don't know what's going on or why I'm stuck. Could someone help me? Did I miss something? :-(

Thanks in advance!

Dec 14, 2008
after you beat zarathax did you talk to aurek blazeburner? he will have your next quest for milos bookworm.... if that doesnt work then it must be glitched anyways he is a ghost that appears after you beat zarathax

Aug 15, 2009