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Questing in Dragonspyre...

Dec 01, 2011
I'm currently in crystal grove anyone up to questing through dragonspyre with me? If you aren't at crystal grove i will help you catch up.

Jul 04, 2012
I am ahead of it, in celestia, but I will still help. I know how hard it is, so I know how desperate for help you can get. We need to figure out time, place and realm.

Jun 18, 2013
Same here.. i think I am a little ahead of you though.. I have been pretty much playing this game Solo and have made it this far by myself. But I know when I get to Malistaire I will Def. need help.. At this moment, I am currently trying to raise my little drake to fly... Had to get all pieces to dragon rider staff along with a crystal..

If you want to friend up and knock these quests out, Im sure you will see me running around Dragonspyre like a chicken with my head cut off.. Storm Wizard level 51 named Sloan in game...

Usually on every evening after 5 Eastern Time..

Feb 25, 2009
@Storm Sloan, Angela needs a place to meet you. Pick a realm, ie.; Satyr, Pixie or any other realm that is not crowded and say meet in the Basilica or the Atheneum near the Library and a time that works for both of you. Your best bet is to pick a Perfect Realm. Will be easier for you to meet up.

BTW, She is questing in Celestia so she is ahead of you. She has already completed Dragonspyre.