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Quest: use crystal storage in the crucible

Nov 05, 2010
couple of people having problems trying to get the crystals from the storage we need to do the quest to move on the game? it needs to be fix please :( :( :( :(

Mar 21, 2011
Honeybee313 wrote:
Exleon95 wrote:
i suggest as devilbrownies198 did, to disable the arrow till it gets fixed if its not a problem...

According to the new updates posted today, this quest is now fixed.


For its a honor quest maybe, but for quest: "Justice hurts" not yet. I am so stuck there since I shut down pointer, went to crystal storage, and nothing happens, not even press x button :(

Oct 12, 2011
It's now mid-November and I'm having similar issues. I don't get an arrow with more than 1000 leading me away from Zanetta Stormbreaker but when I head to the 2 shelves by the door behind her labeled as 'Crystal Storage' I can't pick up any crystal to get to the boss fight. There's no prompt at all by either of the shelves and hitting 'x' gets me nothing too. I can't go throught the door between them either but that may be due to not having triggered that quest. I tried last night and ran into 3 others having the exact same issue. Any ideas when this might be fixed? Can I get past this with the help of someone that's already done this and can call the bosses for me to fight? Thanks.


Hello Young Wizards!

If you are having trouble accessing the Crystal Storage for the quest "Justice Hurts", please send an email directly to support at support@wizard101.com. Make sure that you include the following:

Subject Line = Justice Hurts Quest Trouble
Information = Username & Character name

Please DO NOT give us passwords! A support representative will assist you with getting the issue resolved.

Thank you!

Sep 14, 2011
i need this quest fix plz im stuck on this for a long time and im wasting my membership plz help me..

user: kidk305

character: Ryan thunder blade (level 48 storm)

Mar 18, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Yes the quest arrow erroneously sends you to the Grand Chasm, when all you need to do is go down the ramp behind Zanetta (like you did before) to get the crystal.

This one is on our 'to do' list to fix.

When is going to get fixed im stuck