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Problem with Dragonsypre

Sep 25, 2010
I have a friend who is trying to do the quests for Dragonsypre. She did some quests and then she stoped getting quests. She is stuck on the Necropolis and can't get anywhere. The only way she is getting higher level is by doing Wintertusk because she finished Grizzlehelm. She made a new character who is in Krokotopia and she got stuck. Luckly she got a quest to do Grizzlehelm,but how is she to do the rest of Krokotopia? Do you just think its her account? Please help me with either character.

May 20, 2010
If the portal to the Necropolis (in the Basilica, next to Cyrus Drake) doesn't work, then she has to visit the Necropolis the long way to activate it. She can do that by going through the Plaza of Conquest to the door of the Necropolis. The map will show the way.

If the portal to the Necropolis works. then go see Milos Bookwyrm in the Atheneum Library.