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Problem getting to Necropolis - 2

Dec 04, 2010
I am using the same heading as another post. I have the same problem, but the answer in the previous post does not work for me. Cyrus Drake, in the Basilica, tells me he can't help me until I make it to the "Next Ring". In the Basilica, the only portal I have available is Athenium. I am lvl 47.

I have found the back door into Necropolis, and passed thru it many times. I tied going to see Cyrus right after entering Necropolis, as suggested in the previous topic with the same name, and that did not work for me. I returned to Cyrus using the portal and also tried the map button. I have been to every corner of DS that I can get to - I did an exhaustive search - no luck.

I have killed the 4 champions in the Plaza of conquests. I was given a few quests by those characters hanging around the streets, and did them all. I can't find anyone else with a question mark or exclamation point over their head.

I am happy to play the game this way, but I would like to be able to legitimately get to Celestia.

Can someone give me a clue as to what the "Next Ring" is ?

May 26, 2010
dude this same thing happened to me! i posted but spelled necropolis like NecropAlis! But then i got to the plaza of conquests and went back to lazlo and saw the arrow wasnt pointint the way i came! and so i followed itand found a DOOR into necropolis! then you go in there and you can ACTIVATE the portal THERE!

Sep 18, 2009