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Potential DragonSpyre Bug

Mar 14, 2009
Hello staff of KI and other wizards

I am in dragonspyre and I am currently fighting the soldiers for the second tower, and there was two opponents and i had killed one,

I had minimized to quickly read a post and to my surprise when I brought the window back up there was another opponent,

At first I just thought it was another wizard that had fleed just to bring another opponent to me, :(

but i killed another soldier and the same thing happened again!

after i killed the remaining two soldiers (making a total of four) the battle ended and no more enemies tried to sneak there way in.

Since I am new to DragonSpyre is this just the way things work or is it a bug?

P.S. I had killed two more soldiers before that and the bug or whatever didnt happen but that was a few days ago.

Oct 03, 2008
Are you talking about the towers with crystals you have to activate, located in the tower archives? I believe you can just skip those fights, they aren't a requirement for your quests(just stay on the very edge and don't move toward the center.)

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer