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Please, Increase the Xp

May 10, 2013
In Dragonspyre, the last quest is "The Final Countdown" which only gives 2000 xp. The Last Quest in MooShu is "The Key at Last" which gives 3000, then "Bad Blood" gives another 3000 (= 6000) Please, I would make at least "The Final Countdown" 3450 xp.

Jul 04, 2012
It is pretty silly. The most important battle gives you 2000 XP? Not fair. Make it at least 5000.

Feb 25, 2009
The XP has been calculated to get you to certain levels at certain points in the game. KI has nerfed some of the boss/mobs in Dragonspyre already, but this game has already been out 5 years. It would not be fair to all those that have already passed before you to change it now. Millions of us have passed out of Dragonspyre long before the nerfs were made and long before the changes to Malistaires Lair which now lets you bypass some of the battles. Those were not an option previously but you had to do them in order to get to Malistaire. KI isn't going to increase that XP now.