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Plaza of Conquest quests 911 & 411

May 20, 2009
need 911 and/or 411
Am stuck on a quest. In the Plaza of conquest area of Dragonspyre World right after you enter you walk around and finally meet up with Laszlo Starblade who gives you a specific quest to do (I'm referring to the Red Crystal quest(s) Anyway this is a side quest and is done in conjunction with the main quest(s). Anyway when meeting with Laszlo Starblade he eventually gives you a Red Crystal and the quest "No Weaklings Allowed" and says to use the crystal on one of the 4 stands to summon a creature that you must defeat ( that being the (Earth Elemental)Once you talk to him, you have to defeat him in combat, then return back to Laszlo for completion and the next quest. (which is to seek out Sandor Spearcaller) after meeting with him and also defeating him in combat , you then return to Laszlo for the next quest. In the next quest, "Foe of Foes" you are again directed to use the red crystal to summon a creature( Drannik's champion). Here is where I need the 411. Each of the 4 red crystal stands is guarded by a creature (Elemental guy Kraken guy,Minotaur guy and finally Elephant guy. Now seeing how I've already beaten the 1st creature (Elemental guy) that leaves me 3 creatures to summon. Question? which of the 3 remaining creatures is considered to be Drannik's champion? I really don't want to summon the wrong one and then having to battle all 3 before I get the right one. Can anyone throw me a bone as to which on it is? Also I would like to know what else is there left to do in the Plaza of Conquest area after you've completed the main and side quests?

Mar 12, 2010