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Pick up the Spare

Jan 10, 2009
Is this quest bugged? I've got to the final room twice. There is nothing to fight, nothing to activate. I see a huge crystal hovering overhead, but nothing I do makes it respond. If I approach the center of the room, my character walks in place.
Please help.

Jan 10, 2009
i'm having the same problem. i'm a mother and my son and i went in the vault twice, looked everywhere on every floor and NOTHING! on my map it shows the crystal should be in the unused vault. now maybe this is bugged but i know some people have completed this quest because now they can get in the labyrinth. so i find it hard to believe that only myself and the person who wrote before me are the only ones to have this problem. so can someone pease answer if the crystal is for sure in the unused vault or is it somewhere else? thank you

Jul 12, 2008
In my notes for the quest titled, "Pick up the Spare," I have written, "Talk to Belia Windgazer; locate empty crystal in vault (3 level tower)." The crystal is at the end of the tower in a case that resembles a bookcase. The tower is in the Grand Chasm, not in the Crucible, which is where you get your quest from.

Sep 03, 2008
Is this the quest where you have to go to the Grand Chasm to pick up an empty crystal from one of the vaults?

If so, I ran into problems with this one. The map clearly shows that the crystal should be in the fourth vault to the right on the lower level. However after fighting though many baddies, I reach the final room and there was nothing there.

I later found out that the crystal is on the third vault on the right on the upper level, despite what the map clearly states.

Hope this helps

Jul 10, 2008
Thanks so much! I too went into the Unused Vault and wasted my time on battles only to find nothing there.

I will try the other vault. Thanks!

Dec 17, 2008
I am not sure what this bug is but i already finished Dragonspyre a very long time and i never approached that problem. Its must be a new bug since i never had problems doing that quest, Lucky me. :P

Dec 27, 2008
I had trouble with this one too until I realized that the map is wrong. As a previous poster stated, you are looking in the wrong vault. Look for the blue highlight outisde the door, that's how i knew I had the wrong vault even though the map said it was the correct one.

I also had this problem with a quest in the Forum. Map led me to wrong room and I was stuck until someone showed me the correct one :P