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Odd solution to "Loose The Key Quest".

Jan 31, 2009
A week ago i was on a quest for Selene Battlehorn in Grand Chasm. I was suposed to hide a key in a tower.
There i had to fight three times. I lost at the top boss and died.
Did not feel to fight more that night.
Yesterday i was running around in MooShu and as i was going up the stairs at one of the bells outside Jade Palace and the above quest was solved!
I was hiding the key there! No violence!
Back to Zelene and the rewards. Loremaster badge and the Cloak of the Ebon sun.

Anyone else that have solved a quest like this?

//Richard Darkstone - Loremaster

Feb 19, 2009
That is weird, look on the good side, at least you got alotof experience!!! :D

Dec 30, 2008
OK I just did 3 floors 6 times! Must be dumb. And got booted on street after 3 floors - driving me nuts. Thank you. I went to bell and all solved.

Nov 13, 2008
same with me but i went to olde town and the quest was sovled for me

Jan 16, 2009
After reading this i went to mooshu and the bell. i managed to complete 2 quests i was stuck on in grnad chasm just by going up the steps! thanks for that. it's not that i hadn't tried those the quests.... failed 6 x on one and 3 on other. :) so thank you thank you!