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Obsidian Chest quest AGAIN???

Feb 10, 2010
I finished the Obsidian chests and the crystal grove and forged my dragon rider staff, but then when I went to talk to Ashley, the new quest I got was to do the Obsidian chests to get pieces for a staff.
Is that right??? Can't be!!!
Now what do I do?

Diana Dawneyes

Due to a small bug in the system, you are free to repeat this quest.
This bug will be squashed in the next 3am maintenance.

Feb 10, 2010
But shouldn't I have gotten another quest from Ashley? I hadn't actually looked forward to repeating the quest.


Diana Dawneys

Community Leader
Thanks Gamma

I have a quest on my death wizard too, she has completed all quests in all worlds, now she has this quest sitting in her book :(

Jul 18, 2009
hmm i have that problem with the oyster quest and aambrose gives me quest that i already did :-( i got wild bolt from him (like after you finish mb) two times and the pet quest thing so i got another piggle and also DS is not in my avalble worlds list ANYMORE :-( please help me :-(