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New Schools For Celestia Release

Feb 10, 2010
I wasn't sure where to put this because there is no celestia part in the message boards so i just put it in dragonspyre.

If you dont know there are three new schools coming out. Everyone says they are sun star and moon. I think that whats gonna happen is that instead of being able to choose those schools when you first join wiz101, you get to pick one when you get to celestia as secondary schools. Like when you get to celestia you will get to pick which one you want to learn. Then as you lvl up you get to learn another card from your secondary school whichever you picked. You will probably also get more training points so you can train for another secdondary schools cards or use the points for other primary schools. That way the people who are up to celestia and want these cards wont have to restart their game and sign up for that element and the people who get to celestia gets to use the new school cards. I hope i am the first person to think of this otherwise you will have wasted your time reading this.