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New Castles

Jan 17, 2010
Hi. I've been playing wizard101 for six years now, and one thing I've always wanted to see has not yet been added to the game.

The title pretty much gives it away- I think everyone would love it if new castles representing the first arc worlds were added. It's just that the worlds after the first arc have so many amazing castles from bundles and crafting, like the Winter Wind Tower from Avalon, or the Treetop Getaway and Lost Sun Pyramid from Azteca, while worlds like Dragonspyre have never been featured in a bundle. True, they have houses like the Grand Fortress, but they just aren't up to par with the bundle houses from later worlds.

I understand if time can't be spared for every world to have the same quality, but I honestly think that since Dragonspyre and Mooshu are beloved as two of the best worlds in the game, at least those two deserve a great bundle for players to enjoy. I like the idea of giant towers like the tower archives for a dragonspyre house. I'm not sure what the gear should be like, but certainly something like a fire drake as a mount. I'm personally not that into mooshu, so idk what to do with that. But I know a lot of others love it, so I thought it worth mentioning.

Anyway, please do write back with your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

Dec 15, 2010
Although this definitely sounds like an amazing idea for a bundle, it will most likely not happen.

Dragonspyre has been released for over 5 years now, and it seems kingsisle won't be making bundles for any of the "old" worlds anytime soon.

I would normally give the advice to suggest it to kingsisle, but honestly, I doubt a Dragonspyre bundle will ever be a thing, sadly.

And as for the Mooshu bundle, I thought the Shinobi Bundle was a pretty good representation of Mooshu. Not sure about Dragonspyre though.