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Needing help in DS!

Jul 11, 2010
Hi, I'm Blaze Dragonfist at lvl 42, I need help in DS if anyone can help me, it would be much appriceated. If anyone helps me FINISH DS, he/she will rcieve 5 treasure cards. ( Depending on how much I have, it may be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. ) If you want to help me, reply and ask me to be your friend stating your name, if you can come to DS, and if you can go everywhere in DS. Than I'll tell you where to meet. It may be in the same place for everyone or some people, or it may be in different places for everyone or some people. Thank you. :D 8)

Dec 11, 2010
I may be able to help depending on where because I havent unlocked all of ds but if u want the help of someone near your level Im up to helping

My game name is Elijah Hawkheart lvl 45

I need help myself so respond later and I might help

Eijah Hawkheart lvl 45 pyromancer

P.S. Good luck

Jan 29, 2011
I also need help for Malistaire's lair, it seems that you need four people in total and I've had difficulty getting my "friends" to assist. Let me know if you're still trying to get a group together :)

Shannon Stormweaver
Level 51, Grandmaster Theurgist

Aug 01, 2009
Apr 30, 2010
I'll help but I don't want any treasure cards. I have tons of them.

Saffron Ghostheart is the only one that can do stuff is DS because she's been through it.