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Need Help Moving On to Dragonspire Academy

Feb 18, 2010
I play this game with my 8 year old and she jumped ahead of me in the beginning helping friends out with DS, so we didn't do much of it together. However, she is unable to get to the Necropolis and Dragonspire Academy.

I believe the key came after doing the Labyrinth Dungeon in the Grand Chasm which she says she does not remember doing. I walked through with her and there are no quests left for her in the Grand Chasm, yet she can't move forward either.

Effectively, we cannot play this game together anymore because she needs to be able to be where I am to participate in the Dungeons. Is there any way to find a walkthrough or a quest helper in the Grand Chasm that leads to getting to the Necropolis/Dragonspire Academy?

Any help would be appreciated. She wants to quit and start all over and it would be a shame since she is level 47 Pyromancer and has around 10 pets that are near adulthood.

Thank you.

Alia DawnDreamer
Level 48 Master Sorceror

Jul 04, 2009
First off, the Labyrinth is in the Necropolis, not the Grand Chasm. I can only assume, since you say she cannot get to the Necropolis, that she accessed the Labyrinth only by porting to a friend.

After completing the quests in the Grand Chasm (as far as the main storyline quest is concerned), you were suppose to return to Laszlo Starblaze in the Plaza of Conquests. If she has done this, and everything else Laszlo may have given her to do afterwards, she should now have an attuned portal stone.

If one of her quests says to go to the Necropolis, then she gets there by going back to the Plaza of Conquests and exiting out the other door at the north end of the map. This will take her to the Necropolis. Once there, go down the right ramp and through the portal back to the Basilica and talk to Cyrus. By this point she should be able to continue onward.

Feb 18, 2010
I may have misspoken about the Labyrinth part...I was thinking of the series in the Grand Chasm where all the vaults are and you go back in time. I don't think she did that, nor did she do the vault on the outside of that because the sigil does not light up for her. I will have her go back to the Plaza and see what happens.

She cannot talk to the Crystal Guide in the Necropolis so I am assuming she missed the quest that Laszlo has to give. The only quests left in her quest guide are things for books and crafting.

Thanks for your time and information.

Feb 18, 2010
We found it!! She had not done the battle in the Tower of War and thus could not move on. Thanks for your help.

Jul 26, 2009
I NEED HELP i finished tower of war and all quest in plaza of conquests grand chasm and tower of archives but i cant go anywhere else and i only lvl 47 so can anyone help me PLZ PLZ PLZ