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Apr 24, 2010
Is anyone having any problems with getting an error going into Necropolis?

I recently sent in a ticket to have my character pulled out of Necropolis he was stuck between the portal and was getting an error "Failed to load zone"

Lastnight I had my girlfriend go to Necropolis and I was on my Life Character, the same thing happen on him, so he's now stuck too,
they got my fire guy out today and this time I went to port to my girlfriend in Necropolis and now I have my fire guy stuck again, this is getting so frustrating.

If anyone knows of this issue please let me know so I know if it's just me or if it's other people too


May 20, 2010
Send in a ticket to Support. If you have a fast connection, you can also try to uninstall and reinstall the game and hope that the area downloads correctly.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Apr 24, 2010
MikeStrath wrote:
I was in and out of there several times last night, no problems.

Yea, I was in there plenty of times and then the first night it happend it seems like after that it was a problem that kept happening, I sent a ticket in and they reset my character, then they sent me an email telling me to stay out of the area til the test realm goes live, but hey, atleast they contacted me and told me to stay out of DS lol, now I have nothing I can do on my grand til the new world opens lol. oh well, they know about the bug so I guess my problem is somewhat fixed huh, basically stay out of DS til they decide to go live with the test realm lol