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My updated Dragonspyre Challenge

May 29, 2009
Merle Ambrose will summon the player back to his office and tells them that their level can be raised to 80, but you will require a special stone, the Stone of Sacrifice. He then tells the player that the stone is in a well-guarded tower. He tells the player that the only way to access this tower is through a hidden area in Dragonspyre.

Quest: The Lost Area
Goal: Locate Portal in Atheneum
Talk to Ludlow Firefist
Location: Dragonspyre
Reward: An amulet depending on the player’s school:
• Storm – Storm Lord – 850 Storm Damage and Stun to all enemies
(Master Diviners Pendent of Power)
• Life – Rebirth – 1000 Health + Absorb 700 to all friends
(Master Theurgists Pendent of Regeneration)
• Death – Scarecrow – 600 Health Steal from all enemies, and swap half to health
(Master Necromancers Pendent of Screams)
• Myth – Orthrus – 60 Myth Damage and 800 Myth Damage
(Master Conjurers Pendent of Mystical Creatures)
• Fire – Fire Dragon – 600 + 500 Fire Damage over 3 Rounds
(Master Pyromancers Pendent of the Dragon)
• Ice – Frost Giant – 650 Ice Damage and Stun to all enemies
(Master Thaumaturgies Pendent of Ice)
• Balance – Power Nova – 750 Balance Damage + -80% Damage to all enemies
(Master Sorcerers Pendent of Equality)

Ludlow Firetamer tells the player that they need to collect the six keys needed to activate the portal from six bosses in the Spiral. The bosses are: Plague Oni (Mooshu), Stoker (Marleybone), Nagazi the Beguiler (Krokotopia), Jotun (Grizzleheim), Boris Blackrock (Dragonspyre), and Angrus Hollowsoul (Wizard City).

Quest: Time to Collect
Goal: Defeat [Bosses’ Name] and collect key in [location]
Location: Bosses’ Location
Reward: School specific hat, robe, and shoes

After the player collects the keys; Ludlow Firetamer tells you that he very impressed grants you access to the new area in Dragonspyre. He then tells you that when you enter the first part of this area you are to speak to Edrick Deathstorm.

When the player enters the Starter Area for this challenge they are to enter the House of Forsaken first, then the Lost Street, followed by the Counterweights, and finally the Death Master’s Tower. There are three individual bosses who guard the entrances to each area. These bosses are a completely optional challenge, they do drop rare pets that resemble each of the bosses and even gives spell cards!

The bosses that guard each area are as follows:

House of Forsaken location Boss:
1. Natures Soldier – Life – Rank 9 Boss – 8,780 Health

Lost Street location boss:
1. Spellbinder – Myth – Rank 8 Boss – 7,500 Health

Counterweight, Death Master’s Tower location boss:
1. Godric Stormsoul – Storm – Rank 9 Boss – 9,000 Health

House of Forsaken

Edrick Deathstorm tells the player that they must first battle four bosses in order to open the gates that lead to the two main rooms.

The left side bosses controls the left gate:

• Night Glider – Death – Rank 9 Boss – 8,500 Health
• Living Nightmare – Death – Rank 7 Boss – 6,500 Health

Upon defeating the left side boss the left gate opens and the player must battle a boss here. This boss guards a lever that opens one of the gates leading to the main room.

• Scather – Myth – Rank 10 Boss – 10,000 Health
• Flaming Firesoul – Fire – Rank 8 Elite – 1,500 Health

The right side boss controls the right gate:
• Shortfuse – Storm – Rank 8 Boss – 8,000 Health
• Equal Master – Balance – Rank 8 Boss – 7,000 Health

Upon defeating the right side boss the right side gate opens allowing the player to battle the boss in this area. This boss controls the lever to open one of the gates leading out to the main room:

• Master of Machines – Life – Rank 10 Boss – 10,000 Health
• Mechanical Master – Storm – Rank 8 Elite – 1,500 Health

When the player opens both gates leading out to the main room, they must battle one last boss to collect the key that will unlock the gate to Lost Street.

• Flamefist– Fire – Rank 11 Boss – 10,500 Health

Lost Street

When the player enters this area they must talk to Revina Shatterworld. She is the only person on this street, and she helps you through this area. First she tells you to defeat and collect two keys from the LOST WARRIORS that are in the area; they are ice golems who are rank 8 elite ice enemies with 1,450 Health. After this she then tells you to defeat a boss and activate four braziers in his tower:

• Master Elemental – Balance – Rank 7 Boss – 8,500 Health
• Protective Spider – Life – Rank 8 Elite – 1,500 Health

Note: There are enemies who circle around the tower where this boss is located. The player IS NOT required to defeat any of these enemies. They are SHARPSHOOTING WARRIORS who are rank 7 elite myth Grendels with 1,300 Health.

After you defeat this boss; Revina Shatterworld tells you to go into four towers and defeat the four elemental guardians that control the four locks on the gate to the counterweight areas.

Life Elemental Boss
• Forest King – Life – Rank 9 Boss – 9,500 Health
Storm Elemental Boss
• Stormfather – Storm – Rank 7 Boss – 8,000 Health
Ice Elemental Boss
• Nova Frostfire – Ice – Rank 8 Boss – 7,000 Health
Fire Elemental Boss
• Magma Burner – Fire – Rank 9 Boss – 8,000 Health

After you have completed this task Revina Shatterworld tells you that she can no longer help you from here and tells you that you have to move on by yourself. But she does give you instructions on how to enter the clock tower.

Special Note: After the player completes Revina Shatterworlds quests she has one side quest for the player. They are to defeat a secret boss:

• Iona Stormbreaker – Storm – Rank 9 Boss – 9,500 Health
• Pyro Maniac – Fire – Rank 8 Elite – 1,500 Health

After the player has defeated this boss they are rewarded with a special school specific sword. These swords deal 250 damage and gives the player 2 starting power-pips. They are not tradable but can be auctioned.

West Counterweight

Before the player can enter the clock tower, they must first activate the counterweights on both sides of the tower. But before they can face the bosses that guard the levers; the must first navigate three floors on each tower.

Counterweight West Floor 1:
• Terrorwing Vulture – Storm – Rank 9 Elite – 2,000 Health
• Greater Grendel – Life – Rank 9 Elite – 2,000 Health

Counterweight West Floor 2:
• Grendel Gianthunter – Myth – Rank 9 Elite – 2,000 Health
• Flaming Torch – Fire – Rank 9 Elite – 2,300 Health

Counterweight West Floor 3:
• Firespitter – Fire – Rank 9 Elite – 2,950 Health
• Fangweaver – Death – Rank 8 Elite – 2,000 Health

Boss Floor
Counterweight West Floor 4:
• Gale Stormslasher – Myth – Rank 9 Boss – 8,500 Health
• Fireblaster – Fire – Rank 6 Boss – 6,700 Health

Counterweight East

Counterweight East Floor 1:
• Nightmare Vulture – Death – Rank 8 Elite – 2,550 Health
• Ruined Barbarian – Balance – Rank 8 Elite – 2,500 Health

Counterweight East Floor 2:
• Burrowing Abomination – Balance – Rank 9 Elite – 2,500 Health
• Firespitter – Fire – Rank 9 Elite – 2,500 Health

Boss Floor
Counterweight East Floor 3:
• Lifehawk – Life – Rank 4 Boss – 1,800 Health
• Seargent Terrorflame – Myth – Rank 5 Boss – 2,500 Health

Boss Floor
Counterweight East Floor 4:
• Wildboar – Myth – Rank 6 Boss – 6,700 Health
• Risen Incarnation – Death – Rank 7 Boss – 2,500 Health

Death Masters Tower

The last part in this challenge is to navigate the Death Master’s Tower and fight the Master of Death. There are nine floors in the tower; on each floor is a boss battle (each one harder then the next). A player can mark a spot on each floor as well as teleport to a friend who is in the tower already.

Floor 1:
• Genessa Stormcrafter – Storm – Rank 6 Boss – 3,700 Health
• Soul Searcher – Death – Rank 7 Elite – 1,300 Health
Floor 2:
• Firemantle – Fire – Rank 6 Boss – 3,400 Health
• Frozen Warrior – Ice – Rank 8 Elite – 1,650 Health
Floor 3:
• Vile Deathweaver – Death – Rank 6 Boss – 4,500 Health
• Crystal Protector – Myth – Rank 8 Elite – 1,700 Health
Floor 4:
• Flametalon – Fire – Rank 7 Boss – 4,500 Health
• Storm Collector – Storm – Rank 8 Elite – 1,400 Health
Floor 5:
• Paladin Stormblade – Storm – Rank 8 Boss – 7,600 Health
• Frost Master – Ice – Rank 8 Elite – 1,550 Health
Floor 6:
• Hoarder of Lost Souls – Death – Rank 8 Boss – 6,000 Health
• Death Creeper – Death – Rank 7 Elite – 1,500 Health
Floor 7:
• Dreamcatcher – Balance – Rank 7 Boss – 8,000 Health
Floor 8:
• General Lifebender – Life – Rank 8 Boss – 7,500 Health
• Death Carnation – Death – Rank 8 Boss – 5,000 Health
Floor 9:
• Master of Death – Death – Rank 12 Boss – 15,000 Health

After the player has defeated the Master of Death and collected the Stone of Sacrifice, a one-way portal will open up and will take you back to the headmasters’ house.

After you have spoken to him, you will be sent on a quest to talk to your teacher about where to activate the stone. After the player activates the stone, they are to talk to the headmaster. The player will then be rewarded with: a new spell card, 10000 XP, and 5000 Gold.

New Rank 7 spell cards for the schools:

• Forests Fury – 615-680 Life Damage and Stun to all Enemies

• Crying Spirit – 750-850 Death Damage

• Cerberus – 30 Myth Damage, 75 Myth Damage, and 850 Myth Damage

• Overheat – Take 500 Fire Damage to Deal 1500 Fire Damage to all Enemies

• Frozen Tundra – 650-750 Ice Damage to all enemies

• Neptune – 1150 – 1250 Storm Damage

• Balance Storm – 830 Balance Damage and –80% attack to all enemies

Please respond to this in anyway you can. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also let me know if their is anything i can do to improve this in anyway. Also any Kings Isle employee who would like to comment is more than welcome to.

Nov 04, 2008
this is a really good idea, but you should lower the lvl to 60 to go with the upgrade

Mar 18, 2010
THE FINAL BOSS IS DEATH!? Well that figures... Why are death wizards ALWAYS given a hard time? Malistare is death. And now a rank TWELVE death boss! What level do you get this quest anyway?

Jul 12, 2009
I agree with SuperSonic about the final boss always being death, but i do think that the storm spell should hit the highest because that is the one of storms good things is that it hits really high. Mebey the sotrm could hit like 1600-1750 or something. I love the idea though.

Mar 29, 2009
I absolutely love the idea but mabey you could make up a new school that every one there is so it wouldnt be so hard for every one

May 01, 2010
Your Rank 7 Ice spell looks a bit weak, compared to the other schools.

Other than that, I'd say that you need to stop playing games and learn how to program them. You obviously enjoy the creative side of game design - time to learn some technical skills. Game designers make some serious cash and have a blast doing it!

Sep 25, 2008
Yeah nice idea. Got confused at one point when you said there are bosses that guard each area, then saying it is optional. How is it optional if they are guarding the area that you need to enter?

Jan 29, 2009
Oct 08, 2009
talk about how that hurt my brain I HURTS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don't you think this might be kinda hard for 10,000 experience it should be 2,000,000 exp so you level up TEN TIMES