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My third class, HMMMM.

Dec 13, 2008
I am a balance wizars with a secondary school of myth and i now have enough training points for a new school. I will pick either (and ONLY) ICE, FIRE, DEATH, OR LIFE and REALLY NEED HELP!!! I need you to tell me more about those schools and WHY OR WHY NOT to pick them. But if you think all those schools are not good than tell me another but i really just want those but if you REALLY think they stink than tell me.

P.S. i'll tell you when and what i pick when i do.

Benjamin MistMansk level 49 balance myth and ? savor of the spiral

May 02, 2009
Well fire has glacial shield, which shields against ice and storm attacks, and is also the master of damage over time(DOT for short), perfect for getting heal and other needed spells in PVE, and it prevents opponents in PVP from using fire and tower shields for 3 rounds. Fire is also the 2nd most powerful school in the game next to storm.

Ice has high defense, and has a bunch of shields like tower shield and volcanic shield(protects against fire and storm attacks), but low damage.

Death has life steal spells, that convert half of the damage it does to healing and shields against life and myth attacks and decent damage.

Life is great at healing, absorbing damage for a period of time, and shields aganst death and myth attacks, and decent damage.

I hope I helped.

Seth ShadowCloud
Grandmaster fire/storm/ice
a good friend

May 29, 2009
I am a Balance Sorceress and had a hard time choosing my second/third school. When I first started out I wanted spells from every class. I just recently sold back my training points (expensive).

Since we get Spectral Blast and Hydra, we can make use of the elemental blades and traps for ourselves. We can also use those blades on our Spectral Minion to help boost their attacks. We get spirit traps and blades but no spells to use them with.

I chose to go with Life and Death as my second and third schools. I mostly solo the game but am willing to jump in and help another player in need and have a huge friend list.

I chose Life so I could help other players heal and use sprite and absorb on my minions to keep them alive. I chose Death so I could use my blades, traps, hex, and feint (from their school) to get major attack and steal health.

I know you are myth as your second school so you have been able to make use of your blades and traps but you might want to consider one of the other spirit schools as well.

Hope this helps with your decision and good luck!

Alura Hexcaster Master Sorceress (lvl 49)