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Mavra Flamewing in Plaza of Conquests

Jul 13, 2008
Is it just me or is this seriously hard?

I know I've seen a spell that takes away shields (which would be helpful on this quest) but I don't have it and I can't find it available anywhere.

Any tips or hints on how to defeat Mavra and her two protection pox?
Or where I can find the spell I'm thinking of?

Sep 26, 2008
Taking out the Orbs first then consentrate on her. Earthquake is the spell you are talking about and that is a Myth only spell. Might drop as a treasure card but have never seen it.

If you think she is bad the next one which is Sandor I think has 2 attack orbs with him.

Believe me I know they are hard and as a balance char it was really hard.(thanks Fin for helping me)

Have fun,

Grand Master Ice/Death/Fire wizard
Grand Master Fire/Ice/Death wizard
Master Balance/Death wizard
Master Myth/Storm wizard
Master Storm/Ice wizard
Master Death/Ice wizard

as you see I have been busy :-)

Jul 12, 2008
The spell you are thinking of is earthquake, a 6 pip myth spell. You can purchase a Crown robe in Mooshu that has an earthquake card. Cheapest is brown/brown for boys and white/gold for girls.

The trick to killing Mavra is to kill the pox first. The pox will just keep shielding her and themselves, so if you kill them, she is a lot easier. If you are Balance, load up on Hydra cards which will kill 3 shields at once. Also make sure you use plenty of blades and traps. The pox will not attack, but they are a real pain nonetheless. Try seeing if a friend can help you.

I hate to tell you, but there is another that is nearly as hard shortly after Mavra ~ Sandor Spearcaller has 2 protection pox that will continuously blade him and use the 50% ice shield that shields against all spells.

May 22, 2008
If you are going in solo, I'd suggest ignoring the pox and focus everything on taking out Mavra as quickly as possible. Balance wizards can ignore her shields. Death life drainers can ignore any absorbs. Fire can DOT her over and over, sneaking in to strike when her shields are down. Myth can try Earthquake followed by a big damage spell. And Storm can just hit her with maxed out spells, blasting thru her shields/absorbs. I highly suggest casting a minion to add dps. Once Mavra is down, just take out the pox without worrying about healing.

Ice and Life might have to bring a friend if the duel is taking too long.

Sep 20, 2008
Umm earthquake is NOT a myth only spell. Don't give him advice that might make him a little fragile or her lol. Cause myth wizards = uncommon so he/she might not have a myth friend.

Dec 22, 2008
I agree with you this is really hard, but it is possible. I am a life wizard so I think it was a little easier for me since I can heal myself but, nonetheless, if you concentrate on one school of attack and take out the pox first, you should be able to do it. Good luck and keep us updated on when you make it!

Jan 24, 2009
I have a spell car call steal. It takes the spirit armor. I am from ice school and got the spell there.

Jul 13, 2008
Thanks for all the tips. I rearranged my spell deck using more smaller spells rather than the big ones, didn't worry too much about shielding, used by guardian sprite to keep me alive and brought my daughter's level 17 character along for help. It is easier if you just focus on using one school of spells.

Jan 31, 2009
I think taking the pox out first is the best. I am a death wizard and will focus on my vampire spells and have sanddstorms in my treasure card decks bacause there are no balance shields.

// Richard Darkstone - Master Necromancer

Jan 31, 2009
Just beat Marva, took me almost an hour, all by my one.
Then took out Sandor Spearcaller in ten minutes, very simple.
Also defeted the Kraken and the Mossback to finish Plaza of Conquests.
I have done all side quests as well so now i am going for the Grand Chasm.

//Richard Darkstone - Solo Necromancer

Feb 05, 2009
I focus solo are marva, same with the other guy you can take out the pox rather easily after the boss is dead. Never had any problem with either of the on my life mage. Member to wear the sword of you primary and bring your rank one spells too, doesn't hurt to pull your minion out either.