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Mavra Firewing

Jan 18, 2009
Aug 19, 2008
Is this the one with where it is Marva and two pips and they keep loading up on shields?

IF so, we had much better luck the second time around.

Did you get the traps and charms from the tree of life on the sphinx island? Ignore the shields, prep down for a long battle. Do not just hit and hit; rather, build up lots of pips while setting traps and charms.

The three charm spell works with the charm for your school. You can also set up the charm from your second school if you have one. Next use the three trap spell with the trap spell from your school. When all your traps are set and you have enough pips for 2 large hits go for it. Take out the pip people first. If you have more than one person you can have person 1 take off the shields and person 2 can make the kill. Either way, don't worry about hitting them until you have enough to kill them or you are just wasting time.

Hint: before you go in make sure you have lots of traps/shields in your deck! Take out little cards as they are just in the way.

This is an excellent lesson in using charms and traps.

Feb 09, 2009
I took her out the second time by myself. The first time I just didn't know what to expect. This is how I did it.

I wanted to take out the pips first but as you know they keep loading up on -50% shields. To do this, I decided I was going to hit them with spells that last for three rounds, meaning the fire elf and the scorch spells.

I then hit them with the meteor shower. I am not a fire wizard but you can get the fire elf and meteor shower at the library for a fairly decent price.

I then did the same to the second pip and only worked on Mavra when the other two were finished. By this time I used a small life spell to take out her last -50% shield and continued using bigger life spells on her.

Whatever school you are from does not matter, just stick to no more than two school type of spells. Also, make sure you load up on Storm shields both in your deck and for emergency in your treasure card stock.
Fortunately, she only hits occassionally and doesn't do all that much damage if you are protected. I survived losing very little life.

I hope this helps.

Jan 18, 2009