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Malistare Spell Combos

Oct 23, 2011
Hey all, I just wondered: What spell combos do you guys normally use to beat Malistare

Mar 23, 2011
theicebender wrote:
Hey all, I just wondered: What spell combos do you guys normally use to beat Malistare

depends on what school you are

May 10, 2010
Combos? I usually 1 hit defeat him. No combos.

And this depends on which wizard I am using.

Every school can easily defeat Malistaire in 1 hit.

Jun 24, 2010
if u r death, like i am, definitly use death prism first, then u can use the folowing in any order:

dark pact, curse, feint, deathblade, the +25% balance blade, death trap, and the +35% myth death life balance spell.

Then u can use wraith to do about 6000 damage (give or take a few)

Dec 31, 2011
I have only fought Malistair by helping a friend so the best combo would have to be........ Keep Frost Gainting if you are Ice, or if you are fire keep Fire Dargoning, or if you are life just use anythinng and heal up, if you are Death then dont use death just use your secondary moves , if you are balance just keep Judgmenting, or if you are Myth just keep Orthurusing and if you are Storm then just keep Tritoning. And I hope this helps.

Level 45 Ice Wizard

Feb 07, 2011
I'm a level 70 Balance wiz, who still hangs out in DS and farms Malistaire pretty often. Here's how I roll (without treasure cards):

#1: Blade, Spirit Shield, Fortify, Vengeance, Amp, Ra. If I don't have Ra in my hand at the moment, Power Nova will work just as well- either one, if done properly, will one-hit the minions.

#2: Balance & elemental blades, hex, elemental trap, Spirit Shield, Vengeance, Amp, Hydra.

#3: Balance & Spirit Blades, hex, spirit trap, Elemental Shield, Vengeance, Amp, Chimera

#4: Balanceblade, Bladestorm, Spirit Shield, Fortify, Vengeance, Amp, Judge. If I critical, with a full-pip, bladed, amped Judge, this hits around 5-8k.

(insert random heals, Justice Slashes, to ward off Weakness-spamming, Unbalance, and TCs, as they are required).

Feb 29, 2012
My wife and I defeated him last night. We are both necromancers.
We laid a prism down, then 3 different feints (normal, tc, gear) and bladed.
She hit first and one shot defeated him with a secondary school Centaur.
We planned on just laying down prisms and then use bladed Wraith, but it was not needed.