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Malistare and the epic fight or so i thought

May 23, 2009
I think that we should make malistare harder! A few reasons are : One i was all happy i got to malistare and when i was fighting him i was like " this is malistare?" I was so mad because i was a lvl 46 and it was kinda easy. I no some of you are thinking if its so easy do it alone! But i kinda need help with the crystal stands! Malistare should be a fight that keeps you on the edge of your seat not a boss that you can go and cook dinner and not worry about dieing. He should be so hard that your close to dieing and maybe dieing! He is like the god father of death not some boss that is programed. Each battle should be different attacks. I have only fought him once so i dont no if its the same attacks or not. In my team when i was facing him i had a lvl 25 and we still won?!? I would like to know what you think about Malistare being a real boss and not some boss that you will forget about. Dont you think you should be happy to kill him. Not go to WC commons and see everybody with the badge "Savior of the spiral" I think it would be cool to see like one or to people. But when your lvl one threw five and you see five or six people with "savior of the spiral" badge it makes you think if this game is worth it. Dont get me wrong this game is great but knowing how allot of people have the badge would make you think "oh ... they already have the badge." Sure some people think they might be the first ot kill malistare. But when they see a bunch of those badges is not the best way to get more people to join. So if you think we should make malistare harder Reaply to this! Thank you. :-)