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Malistaire outfits

Apr 22, 2009
Recently myself and a few friends have fought Malistaire and won some nice items. The best of course being his robes/coats. I am a life student and I have won 2 life outfits from him. I alos won a Fire outfit and an Ice one as well. Being a life student I can't use the fire or ice ones. But a couple friends of mine are and I'd like for them to have them. I know they say no trade or auction, but there has to be a way I can give them to them. Also another friend has 3 characters of different schools. Last night she was with us and after defeating Malistaire she won the Death outfit. Thats fine but she is a balance student so she can't use it. However, one of her other characters IS a death student and she would like to give that one the outfit.
If we can't give these to friends, then why can't we at least be able to give them to our OWN characters?
I still have the outfits for the other schools safely stored in my bank for the time being. If I can't donate them to someone, then my only option is selling them. If you won't let us give them to friends, then at least allow us to give them to our own characters that are on the same account. My friend was a little upset and said she should have used her death character to win it, but we never know what we will get when the fight is over. Please let us know what we can do.

Apr 02, 2009
I completely agree. Because I have the same problem with the Gurtok bosses. My friend got my storm athame one time when we tried to get it. And I have been trying for too long to get my lvl 50 athame. It's starting to get to the point where it is ridiculous. I have faced Gurtok Piercer about 20 times now and still haven't got it.