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Malistaire is too weak

Jun 25, 2008
I am with evryone else. The wiz101 duels are supposted to be strtgygic. Wizards build up trap's and put on countless blades just to do the damage they require. But the npc's (even the wizard minions) just trap, pass, or blade. then do a weak attak that often ruins the wizards trap build up. Malistaire shuld fight more like a wizard, and less like a npc. So what i am trying to say, it to make the npc's more advanced. But becides that, wizard101 is the best game on the face of the spiral :D

May 17, 2010
I completely agree. Any decent team can defeat him with no problem at all. It is only really challenging with one or two players and then it is only the out-numbering that makes it hard.

I fought him with a strong group and we ended up defeating him and had 90% of our health intact. Anti-climatic and dull.

I would like him to:
1) Have more health, the 100,000 was crazy, but how about 20,000.
2) Have some minions that re-spawn once in a while (like the Brownwood Tormentor), not all of them all the time, something random.
3) Have stronger attack spells
4) Do some nasty tricks (once in a while) - 2 spells in a round, knock out all the shields or traps, some over-powered regular spells, etc.

Feb 09, 2009
How bout this guys

1st battle with malistaire is easy
2nd to 5th is mediem
6th to 12th is hard
13th to etc is expert