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Malastaire Help

Aug 10, 2009
Ok I am officially losing my mind. I am in Malastaire's lair but I have no idea what to do to find him. I have travelled down to the level by elevator with howling cave and dragon's maw but I don't know what I have to do to unlock the door - is that where Malastaire is? I have fought the purple bosses on this level but nothing happens and the questhelper is useless - can someone give me real specific instructions on how to complete this dungeon please?

Dec 19, 2009
OK Now I have killed Malistaire several times. Now here's what you do. You may wan to bring about 1000 crowns in, for all the chests.

1. Enter the dungeon.
2. Run across the chains and enter the Path of Scales.
3. Either kill or run past the enemies.
4. Continue running and go through the door leading into the Great Spyre.
5. Either run past or kill the enemies, and go to the elevator.
6. Go up the elevator.
7. Now, you need three people for this. There are three crystal holders , that will unlock the door if turned on at the same time. Here's how.
8. Fight the bosses and go to Dragon's Maw.
9. Fight your way through to the second Crystal Holder.
10. Send someone back to the first holder by the entrance to Dragon's Maw.
11. Fight your way through the Howling Cave, and reach the third crystal holder.
12. Here it is wise to be in a group, to tell when to put the crystals in the holder.
13. Turn them all on, and the door SHOULD unlock, try until it does.
14. Now enter the Crown of Fire, or Malistaire's Lair.
15. You have to fight two dragonicans at the SAME TIME, or they will respawn and you must fight again.
16. If one fight finishes first, it is ok. Just don't let them join your fight.
17. The doors will open.
18. You see Malistaire.
19. Fight his minions o close the Stasis Magic around him, protecting him.
20. When you are done, listen to Cyrus Drake and Malistaire quarrel, and Malistaire becomes angry when Cyrus lies to him.
21. Several of Malistaire's minions will appear.
22. Malistaire is a Rank 10 will 10000 health.
23. If he ever casts Scarecrow, it's over.
24. Kill Malistaire. Remember to look in Malistaire's Chest, where you can get gear for crowns easily.
25. GO through the portal CYrus makes to Ambrose's office.

Congratulations! You killed Malistaire!

Mar 07, 2009
Ok to beat Malistaire You must have the quest from her. The final quest.To beat him I find a new trick BUT don't use this on Malistaire. The trick is when you get to enemies get in the battle and press ESC And log out tell your people to go around and stay there. And YOU MUST HAVE A FRIEND TO TELEPORT BACK!!! And log back in to the game and teleport to one of your friend and keep on going.

1. Enter the Great Spyre
2. Keep on going to the Path of scale
3 If you see any enemies do the trick
4.Go on the elevator
5. Take one people with you and the others stay but you must have at least 2 friends to skip the battle.
6. Get in the fire or the ice boss either one
7. Tell him to go around you and stand by the crystal
8. Log out come back on teleport and go to fire or ice and bring 2 friend and then go into the battle and tell them to go around and one of them stay by the crystal. Then exit out of the battle and go back on and teleport.
9. GO to Howling cave or the other and pass the enemies. Bring 1 one with you and the other stay at the fire and ice after you do that There will be a crystal there tell your friends to activate those crystal then the door will open and Go there.
10. Enter the door and fight them QUICK!!!! Because they are timed
11. Get ready You must fight these guys the minions they have 1,050 lives DON'T DO THE TRICK!!!
12. GET READY FOR MALISTAIRE DO NOT EXIT OR YOU DEAD BUT FIRST WATCH THE SCENCE. After you beat him there is another that you have to wait for the movie and Cyrus Drake will appear to take you back. AND GET READY FOR A LOT OF POINTS.

May 05, 2009
Nice Instructions!

I'll add two things to the list.

1) get the book.
2) get the rose.

You'll kick yourself if you remember too late.

I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the kick hurt.

Jul 09, 2009
Yes, don't forget to get the rose, etc. while you are in there or you have to go back through it all again. After going through everything, I was disappointed that there wasn't any really big thing you get for defeating him. Oh well

May 02, 2009
all u gotta do is kill the gurtoks then get to the third crystal and the other two crystals with two friends and tell them to turn them on when they get there and tell you there there

hope this helps,
matthew dragontamer lvl 48 master of FIRE

May 22, 2009

ok ,um,oh yeah. is it posible to do the crystal stands by your self
because well im doing this dungeon solo and if it is than can someone tell me please :-) i am 40% sure it is posible becuase i saw a video on youtube, but he did not show how because it was his secret way of doing it.