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Low Levels Defeating Malistare

Apr 26, 2010
You should put more xp onto quests in dragonspyre:For example Talking to a person can give at least 900 xp... if we dont change the experience points to level up but change them for quests it will prevent Some Wizards to defeat malistare at a low level like level 45 like me!
so at least make 2000 points to defeat a boss be 3400 or something in the 3000's and defeating malistare (since it is a LONG DUNGEON) to 5000 because it is very long... Thank you

Jul 04, 2009
If you want to level up before Malistaire (or even after), do all those side quests you skipped over.

Feb 23, 2009
I defeated Malistaire in a matter of 30-45 minutes. We just skipped the Helephant boss, defeated the other enemies and went to Malistaire. We beat him in about 10 minutes. It's simple if you have the right people with you. And two were LVL 48s, and so was I, and we had a Grandmaster Pyromancer. But he didn't help out on the Fire enemies, since he was Fire, too. So that made it slightly longer. But still, it's a simple dungeon. It needs no more experience. And the experience points for others things is fine as well, we need no more. If we got anymore, we'd be leveling up in no time and it'd be boring. Don't like it? Deal with it.


Elizabeth MistLeaf
Level 48 (Almost 49)
Master of Ice

May 20, 2010
That's why most experience is obtained by talking to people after you satisfy requirements of a quest. There is relatively little experience for defeating enemies.