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Lost main quest

Feb 11, 2012
I'm in Dragonspyre of course but i lost my main quest. my wizard name is David NightSword, It's been awhile since i played so i tried searching around for the quest but i had no luck. If any admin or someone can help me with this it would be much appreciated

Sep 17, 2012
The main flaw with Quest Finder is that it doesn't tell you Storyline Quests. It only points you to quests you haven't already received. It's a great tool for finding missed Side Quests, but many Storyline Quests become deselected as soon as you complete part of the quest and if you try to select that quest it won't select and says quest help is not available for this quest, instead of just disabling the arrow but leaving the quest selected. The only thing you can really do at that point is look up the quest tree on wizard101central wiki and try to figure out where you left off.