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Lost in Dragonspyre

Dec 23, 2008
Last 2 quest in my quest book are the history book and stone rose quest, last quest I did was to hide the key in the tower, now no npc would talk to me, how do I continue my journey in dragonspyre?I'm a fire wizard. There's got to be a faculty or student that finish dragonspyre, that could help me out. please...

Dec 23, 2008
Last quest I did is to hide the key on top of the tower,then I check my quest log 2 quest left, stone rose and the secret history. I check the map of dragonspyre and I have not gone to dragon claw canyon,the forum,the great spyre and the crown of fire, my question is which of this area needs to be explore first, and where can I get that quest? someone please help me , I just want to finish dragonspyre.

Sep 22, 2008