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Lose the key quest

Apr 24, 2009
Okay I'm doing the Lose The Key quest for Zelen Battlehorn and I think I'm on the very last part where you have to locate the top level of the tower to hide the keys in or something like that.... And when I use the quest helper it points to the tower that Flamebringer is in and I fought him and beat him and there's nowhere else in the tower that I can go.. So I can't finish the quest at all because I can't locate the top level! This is frusterating I've been stuck for so long lol so can someone PLEASE help!!! Thanks :-D

Oct 10, 2008
For an odd solution you can just go to the bell pagoda in the top left corner of Jade Palace and hide the key there. No fighting at all! :) :D Hope this helps 8)

-Elizabeth IceBlossom, level 50 Pyromancer and pyromaniac