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Loremaster; Spell List and Drop Rates

Nov 25, 2015
I'm thinking that the drop rate of permanent spells is 1/1000 for lore master.My idea is that it is even more rare then pet drops.Even if you had to farm 50 times then I would doubt you got a lore master spell.

Nov 03, 2014
Not to beat a dead unicorn but this is hilarious.

Yes there is a drop rate, no matter what anyone tells you. If that was truly the case, then hasn't anyone wondered why no one gets a level 5 amulet in the Loremaster dungeon? If it was all random, it would mean all of the drops in every fight of every level have an equal probability of showing up. It would be madness, chaos and mayhem! (you're welcome Professor Bunch…)

Oddly I have been farming on 4 characters for going on about a year. No spell! Wait, EXCEPT for the very first time I ever fought her (isn't it funny and ironic how many people say that they got one on the first try, yet its all supposedly random?)

How do I know it was my first try? Because I only went in once with my first Ice wizard when I first started 2 years ago. I was still learning really, so I didn't realize I had even gotten a spell until I randomly went through my deck and saw the LOREMASTER spell and wondered where in the world it came from…so I googled it. He never needed balance so I never when in that part of the deck -- just by mistake, so I had gotten it without even realizing it!

To all those that got the spell and don't appreciate it or complaining about not getting the specific "school" spell of their character, well, too bad so sad. Most cannot even get ANY spell let alone the school appropriate one.

Go figure.

First fight: 1
Hundreds of fights on 4 characters since: 0
Countless hours: Priceless

100 86 65 65

C'mon Loremaster!!! Really? (maybe today?) My needs you! He is in love with you!

Nov 03, 2014

Right after the above post our (my brother and me) and defeated her. We didn't get the spell after the fight as a drop, but we each did get WINTER MOON from the chest for 50 crowns and 100 crowns. Yay?

Where in the world in Loremaster...