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Lore master does not share!

Jul 01, 2011
I defeated her ever since i got to dragonspyre and no spell I really want to get a spell and tried at least 30 times. I know it's just pure luck, but all i get is some good tc and decent gear to sell. How many times y'all defeated this little lady? What spells did you get? What spells do you want? I am going crazy to get deer knight but i never got it It's the same story every time. She is so random but i ever got any spells i am always so unlucky. what about you guys? ?

Feb 03, 2015
Ok.sometimes when you hit over tenth thousand or a hundred you get it.

And believe it I got it, and it was lit!

BUT, when you do that, you don't get it.

Also when you tried to go to the chest and get it, It doesn't work pal.


Aug 04, 2014
I really want ninja pigs for myth pve and pvp. keeper of the flame is something I don't even care about anymore. I have given up on loremaster. I only farm koto when i'm bored since it is easier to get ninja pigs from him.