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Level 50 Death gear

Jun 16, 2009
I want to be ready for when I hit level 50 I can just grab my Level 50 clothes out of my inventory. Where do you get them though?

Do you get the Death level 50 robe from Malistaire? Is there any more Level 50 things such as a Level 50 hat or boots?

Please give me info!

Natalie Moonblade
Level 41 Necromancer

Jan 11, 2009
Hat= yeva spiderkeeper. She can be found in the Crystal Grove.
Robe= Malistare. End boss can be found in the Great Spyre.
Shoes= Kraysys. He is in the Forum.
Ring/Anthem(dagger)= One from each of the Gurtoks in the Great Spyre
Deck= Orin Grim Caster. Can be found in the Crucible.

Hope this info helps. If you get a chance check out wizard101central they have a ton of info and guides to help :-)

Alura Windhunter lvl 50 master of death
Alura lvl 50 master of balance
Alura lvl 50 master of storm
Alura lvl 48 myth