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Level 50 Clothes

Jun 29, 2009
peacehitball wrote:
jokerswild1986 wrote:
i'v been working on getting my grandmaster death hat for 3-4 months i'm tired of not getting it yeva spiderkeeper wont give it to me this is making me so mad :x :x

i think you can get it from that myth boss in malistaires dungeon in dragons maw i think hes called Tumok

I am level 50 Grandmaster Myth and i have fought Yeva Spiderkeeper like 500 times solo and i have never gotten my hat yet and i have been Grandmaster since March

Dec 23, 2009
lisiedawn wrote:
I'm really mad about the level 50 clothes. I've killed Malistaire 6 or 7 times, and he never drops the life robe. I've gotten death 2 or 3 times and storm twice, but never life. How many times do I have to kill him?

And I've killed Viktor Snowcrusher about 20 times, no exaggeration, for the life shoes, and he never drops them.

It's really frustrating that I've been level 50 for almost a month, and I only have 1 piece of level 50 gear. I'm tired of grinding these bosses, especially the ones that take 2 hours each time.

well i am a grandmaster life person and i got the life robe and the fire robe in one battle. i guess i am just lucky! but you need to get the fire hat from Viktor snowcrusher. ( i have all the fire stuff except the boots see ya! )

Aug 01, 2009
I agree with many of the other players. I have fought Victor Snowcrusher 35 times now and malistaire 8 times (along with the Gurtoks). I have not received any of the storm level fifty clothes. It is frustrating enough that I am considering dropping my membership.

I know there will soon be more levels, so level 50 clothes will become less important, but I would still like to make a recommendation. Program a random number up to a certain point where you can be guaranteed the gear. For example, you might randomly receive your robe or shoes on the first try upon winning, but it might take you up to 20 wins. On the 20th win (or whatever maximum is set), you would know you would be guaranteed the level 50 gear for your school. That way, the mystery is still present on what you will get with each win, but you don't have to wonder if you will ever get it.

Aug 04, 2009
Its luck. i got really lucky. I got 2 GM fires and 1 GM ice one one try. I also got GM life in one fight. The trick is when farming open chest if possible and have multiple things that you want. It helps trust me.