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Labyrinth unbeatable

Jul 04, 2012
Hi guys,

I really need help on the labyrinth.
I only get 30 minutes on the computer per day, everyday. and my friends are always busy or never willing to lend a hand so i always have to solo the labyrinth, but it's just impossible to solo this dungeon in less than 30 minutes (one time i was really close but i had dinner, ran into a wild monster, died, and got disconnected). anyway my point is i really need help/advice for this dungeon to work. I wanted to at least beat malistaire before my membership ends (sometime this month). Please leave a response thank you

Ryan RubyFist Fire lvl44

May 22, 2012
Hey if you still need to beat that me and my friends can lend a hand. :) :) :)

Apr 26, 2009
If you still need advice I will tell you what I did to get people to help me with malistaire. 1. Go to wizard city commens. 2. If you have text chat say can anyone help me do the labyrinth. 3. Wait for people to help. Oh and it works better if you have text chat so I would recommend getting text chat

Feb 19, 2010
Im willing to help but unless you have people set up so you can port to them you cannot do that dungeon in 30 minutes. Even if i came with you and blasted 1st turn kills the entire way the running is what takes so long.

Feb 17, 2012
It was like that for the vault of ice for me. It took me ages. One day I just gutsed it out and did it.