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Labyrinth problem :(

Apr 16, 2011
The other day I was doing the labyrinth and I was so close to being finished, and then my computer shut down. It didn't take too long reboot, and when I logged back on I had the same quest as I did before my disruption. But when I went back into the labyrinth, the path the lava makes was closed up. It wouldn't even give me a quest to get the bridge unlocked again! I was so mad! Now I have to do the labyrinth all over again. I was so close!!!!

Erin Dragoneyes, level 49 diviner

Nov 07, 2009
This will be because the Labrynth is a dungeon, and dungeons automatically reset after 30minutes of being logged out or out of the dungeon. It does happen, but there isn't really much you can do! Sorry!

Hope this helped!
Amber LegendBlade
Level 58
Grandmaster Pyromancer 8)

Jul 06, 2011
i had the exact same problem, but i only left the dungeon for like 5 minutes.