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Oct 03, 2009
Hey I am on the quest that you have to do the labyrinth can anyone tell me one of these things:

1. Give me tips of what cards should be in my deck
2. tell me what monsters ill be fighting
3. help me your self ill be real thankful

People say its the second hardest dungeon next to malistares place and i need help for tower quest so its not gonna be easy for me

Finnigan Dark Flame lvl 43 almost 44 life wizard

Oct 03, 2009
I am past Labyrinth but i need it again for the obsidian chest anybody wanna help i want people to be lvl 40 it least and if your a Life get your converts ready and myth and storm might want to too 8)

Finnigan DarkFlame lvl 44 Life master thergust

Oct 24, 2009
Well my tips are.. Since you are a theurgist like me when I passed that. (Except wrong level.)

Some cards I would think that would help are-

1.) 2 of each spells you have. Counting your secondary school or other schools you have. I would suggest lots of healing and attack cards.

2.) You will fight Devora a Death boss, Andor a Storm boss and I think Zora is a Life boss. You will fight two other bosses inside towers. I cannot remember much since it was long ago. Then in the end you will have to fight the person inside Dean's Den. In all there must be 7 bosses to fight. Devora, Andor and Zora, let me warn you, they are not as easy as you think. All 4,500 health (maybe more) and they have minions. 1v2, 2v3, 3v4 and 4v4. If you are fighting the boss alone, it will be 1v2, With a friend, 2v3 and with another friend, 3v4 and with a 4th friend then it would be 4v4.

3.) I would help you if you would give me the time to meet up. (On game.)


I would say, get some friends that are on the quest or done with the quest.
At least 1 Grandmaster. (Any School. But be careful who you chose because of the bosses resists.)

Change your deck each time against a Boss.

Hope I helped! :-D

~Abigail Fairyblossom Master Theurigist level 48. (Done with W101.)
Abigail Fairyblossom Magus Sorcerer level 33. (In Mooshu.)

Jul 04, 2009
When you ask for help, you need to specify a time (and time zone you're in), what realm, and a place to meet.

Keep in mind that your post will not show up immediately (can be as much as 6 hours later, so be sure to pick a time with that in mind.

Mar 06, 2009
Hello its me again (Jesse Ghostwhisper), I replied in your other forum.
It mainly about me saying we can meet sometime and i will help.

Oct 03, 2009
Thx guys i took all your advice and I used it and i beat the labyrinth! ! Now i'll let other people ask for advice on this board.