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Knowledge Crystal ... help!

May 06, 2009
I've just gotten into ds. I got the quest to get information from the knowledge crystal but it won't activate! What do I do? The quest arrow points me to the crystal but it doesn't let me do anything. I even exited the building ... and that didn't help.
Then I exited the program and logged back in. But I still can't activate the crystal. HELP! I can't advance in ds without this quest.
btw I did complete all of Mooshu and defeated cyrus drake to get access to ds.

Aug 29, 2009
That happened to me also on my first try. If somebody activates it right before you get there, you have to wait and wait and wait. You've probably already gotten through that part by now but I'm writing this in case anybody else experiences the same thing.

It does respawn after waiting a few minutes. Seems forever though =)