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Just got back to W101 2 day ago and now stuck

Jun 21, 2009
Hey everyone, I'm a old wizard back when 50 was the max level and my nephew has started playing and while he isn't on I was thinking of leveling my main which was a level 48 . The problem i'm having is. I can't seem to find anymore quests. Since it's been so long ago I have no clue what quests I've done and what I've not done. It's kinda disappointing, not gonna lie. I was having so much fun until I hit a wall not knowing where to go and can't seem to level.

Having trouble finding what quest you need to do next? Looking for something new to do? Now you can simply press a button and find a nearby quest!

Quest Finder is off by default and can be enabled through the Options Panel (press Esc to access your Game

When you press the Quest Finder Button in your Journal (it's on the last page of your quests) The Quest Helper arrow will now point to the nearest available quest. It will start with the current zone you are in, then expand to the current world you are in. If it doesn't find any quests in that world, you will need to move to another world and press Quest Finder again.

When you use Quest Finder, a window will appear telling you where to go and who to talk to, and the Quest Helper arrow will now point to that location.