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Is this a bug or just our computer?

Feb 09, 2009
My wife and I play Wizard101 quite often and we've been playing for little over 2 months and are in the middle of DragonSpyre, hence the post. Well, while my computer handles everything well, hers is a much faster, updated computer, and generally performs better. The reason I'm posting this in the DragonSpyre forums is this:

Every time we are in a fight in DragonSpyre, I continue on with the fight as usual, but on her screen, the battle "freezes", but not in the normal way, everything is still going through their idle animations at the beginning of the round, but she gets no option to choose a card, nor does her deck or any cards show up, and I end up playing through the fight by myself, essentially, until it's over, and after the fight ends, every animation that occurred during that battle happens all at once, and she, as a result, gets next to no XP for the fight as well. The game on her end resumes as normal, with no bugs, no glitches, and no problems, but this happens EVERY time we get in a fight.

Is this something anyone else has experienced, or is it just us? As a side note, the only real reason I post this here rather than another forum, is because this has ONLY happened in DragonSpyre, and only to her.

Feb 14, 2009
Sometimes settings change themselves. Tell her to try pressing control+G
i believe that is the combination that does show all/ hide all.
Sometimes this happens to me

Nov 01, 2009
My husband and I have the same issue sometimes. Fortunately it isn't every time, only once in a while. I personally found it much better after we got a new wireless router for our computer.

My husband plays on the desktop which doesn't seem to have any issues, and I play on the laptop, which is brand new. I personally haven't figured out yet what the cause of it is, but it has happened less since we bought the new router, especially if we remember to shut down the desk top before going to bed. When this does happen to me I usually have to hard boot the computer (not good for it I know) but when I log back it all is well. I have pretty much figured it was computer issue.

Anyway, I am glad to know there are other couples out there galavanting in the Spiral.

Katie UnicornRider Master Conjurer Level 48
Jacob BlueEyes Master Thaumaturge Level 47

Feb 27, 2009
Its the computer. My computer is old and is sometimes slower than that. Try not to have another internet page up with 101 since it slows it even more. I was playing and listening to Youtube and it took forever.