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is it to early?

Jul 28, 2011
So I am lvl 40 but I have a 88 fire and my fire got to dragonspyre at 42 because that's when you get your spell so is it to early I want to know should I do some side quest?

Dec 18, 2009
I think it depends on how you fight.
If you can think of the fights in a way at which you know what is going on and are confident in how you fight, then I think 40 is a fine level.
Depending on your school is another thing. If you are life, then the spell you are missing is the satyr, probably an important part of your deck (depending on your fighting style again), whereas if you are balance, the spell you are missing is hydra, probably not as important as it is in higher worlds.
Still, if you are thinking that your level 40 can't handle DS, then maybe do a few side quests until you think you are
I hope that you get to Dragonspyre soon

From, Diana Swiftfountain, lvl 87,

Jul 27, 2010
My ice got to DragonSpyre at about level 46, so you're pretty much fine. o-o Maybe some side quests, but everyone quests at their own pace.

Rebecca 95
Rebecca 47

Aug 15, 2013
I don't think that's too early but I'm level 48 and I have just started Necropolis. Is that too late because I can't get my level 48 spell and pet and that's really frustrating.

Esmee Fairy
Level 48