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In need of a quest buddy

Aug 05, 2013
The game has become very lonely lately and the social aspect of this game is gone and has come to the point of where I am begging for a friend online, anyway with that being said I need a questing buddy. at the moment I have to do a dungeon in plaza of conquests " history book ". If you have this quest or some where near it please reply. I will be in tower archives around 5:00 central time. Thank you and best of luck

Dec 09, 2012
I would but i messed up on my archmage storm from a freak accident:/ lost all armor and ring also deck
i have a level 16 pyromancer i could level quick though.if you like meet me in falmea in the commons on my fire his name is blaze.
mess up was due to trying to get tempest set

Dec 09, 2012
Currently Blaze is level 34 and has the minion and fire Aquila spear 13 resist all 1408 HP 288 MANA and will soon have 16 resist all. So what do you think? Level more or good enough to help you