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im stuck in dragonspyre

Jul 29, 2010
Hi im Nicole Firetail and im a level 47 wizard. When i unlocked dragonspyre i did all these quests and after i finished a quest for Zelen Battelhorn in the Grand Chasm i had no more quests in dragonspyre. the only 2 quests i have left are the stone roses quest and the secret history quest. Those two quests can not be completed because i need to unlock other places. Nobody else has quests for me. So if anybody reads this can you Please try and help because i really want to defeat Mallistare and move on to Celestia. I am currently working on Wysteria and since that is a new world it probably has nothing to do with Dragonspyre. So if anybody can help me i would really appreciate it! Thanks sooo much!
Nicole Firetale level 47 balance wizard :-)

Mar 12, 2010
Jul 29, 2010
Hey thanks for replying! I found out the problem. I was looking threw my quests a few times and I found one about finding a history book. After that i completed that quest and it lead me to a bunch of new quests. Thanks a ton though! :-) :-)
Nicole Firetail