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I need help with Malistare's Battle

Mar 29, 2014
Hello, fellow wizards >.<

I've come into a bit of a tragedy! I am doomed in the Great Spyre... >.<

If you can help me, I'm Autumn Star. If you want to meet, tell me what realm and area, also where.

Thanks much!

Autumn Star, Level 43-Ice

Nov 19, 2012
You still need help? If you do my name is hunter deathammer we can meet in dragonspyre where Cyrus drake is (the place where the spiral door is) in realm wraith and Saturday 6:30 and I can help you pretty good I exalted fire with some of malistaire gear if want then reply.

Aug 08, 2011
Hi! I'm Lauren StormBlade Lvl 80 Storm Wiz and I'd be happy to defeat malistaire with you! I'm also a great healer too ;) Malistaire casts weak spells but has a lot of health points btw . We can meet in Centaur realm Area 0.1.

- Lauren StormBlade