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I need help with GM Death items, 2 GM rings?

Nov 27, 2009
while wondering around the spiral I saw someone with another GM death ring aside from the one I got from gurtok, and my question is, does anyone know where to get it? and I heard that Ivan Soulsinger has another GM athame, is this true? I've been farming him for a wihle with no luck, and does anyone know for sure if the Jade Oni drops a pet? or if there's a way to transmute scrap iron lol, but I'd mostly like to know about the grandmaster death items, thanks everyone!

Valerian Deathbringer GM Necromancer

Jan 30, 2009
here are the most effective items for death and all the 100 damage swords from DS!!!


Homonculus-fifth tower-drake hachery
-singet of Homonculus- + 220 health, + 180 mana
-longblade of the Homonculus-super nova- 100 damage ice sword

Ivan Soulsinger-flamewind tower-drake hachery
-soulsingers soul blade- super dark blade- 100 damage death sword
-soulsingers blade- + 220 healh, + 180 mana

The Hoarder-streets- drake hachery
-shockblade of the hoarder- super surge- 100 damge storm sword

Valeska Redwing-Secrure house- drake hachery
- redwinds viridain blade- super wrath, 100 damage life sword

Orin Grimcaster- fleshless tower- crucible
-grimcasters deack of doomfaring-max 60 spells, max 7 death spells

property master- after three street bosses, labyrinth
-sword of the steward-100 damage balance sword

Bael Emberlight- Abandond house- crystal grove
- SAME AS ORIN GRIMCASATER ( I prefer to use bael, becuse he is not in a dongeon)

fire tree- dragonsprye acadomy
- dragon rider staff- 100 damage fire staff
( you get it when you finish obsidian chest quest)

Malistaire Drake- end of the great spyre
-Malitaire drake's ebon robe- +330 health, +6 power pip chnce, +13 death thoughness, = 17% death resist, and gives one wraith card


so the answer to your question is in this info. good luck to you and any one else who try to get these things. :-D

Noah Legend
grandmaster necromancer

( PS, I am also farming for these so we might catch each other and help)