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How to get to Malistaire

Jan 14, 2009
First, when you enter the lower Great Spyre, you will find a row of tooth things. You have to walk across them and then just keep following the tooth thing bridges. After the end of that, you find a door. Next, you will find enemies. Tell one of your friends to go sacrifice themselves to battle. When you and your friends are safely on the other side, tell the friend that was sacrificed log out and port back. You will find another group of enemies. Do the procedures I told you. ( Tell friend to go sacrifice and then log out and back in.) Now, the easy part. Turn left and you will find an elevator. Go into that and you will find your self climbing up with your friends. After that, you are in the UPPER Great Spyre. When you go out of the elevator, you will find a door straight ahead. The Crown of Fire. I'm sure you noticed, its locked. If you turn to your right, you'll see Gurtok Piercer. You may battle him or just carefully sneak around. Now turn to your left. There is something similiar but he is called Gurtok Firebender. Behind both of them is one crystal stand.Tell one of your friends to stay at one of them without pressing X. Same for Gurtok Firebender. In total, there are 3 crystal stands. The third one is after the door of Dragon's Maw. ( Beware, there are enemies which you can sneak upon.) When 3 of your friends are at their posts, ( I like to call them posts) you have to go at the front of the Crown of Fire and tell all your friends to turn on the crystals. Now the grand door of the Crown of Fire opens. You will enter Malistaire's Lair. Now there is a hallway. Go down that and you will see 2 Decaying Draconians. Here is the exciting part. Turn to your left and see Malistaire with the Kromonocan ( idk how to spell it ). Defeat the 2 Decaying Draconians and the door will open. Go up the hallway and see 4 Soul Servants. You HAVE to defeat them. After you defeated them, Malistaire starts to get mad. Cyrus Drake appears, and tries to talk him out of it. He summons Sylvia Drake and she tells him Malistaire has to stop. Malistaire thinks it is an illusion and attacks Sylvia Drake and Cyrus Drake. Then 3 Soul Servants appear and Malistaire's title changes purple and Rank 10 boss. When you battle him, he has 10,000 health. When you defeat him, Malistaire and Sylvia talk to each other and disappear. Then Cyrus Drake appears and tells you to go see the headmaster. Then he talks to you for a while and then your final quest '' The Final Countdown,'' is gone. Thats when you realize you are done with all the worlds and you have to go side quests if you want to level up. I know this is very long but as you can see there is a lot of things to do to defeat Malistaire.