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How do I find more quests in DS

Jan 05, 2012
Please help, the last thing I remember doing is doing a long chain of quests for some guy in the Grand Chasm. I think that was a main-quest chain, but I'm
not very sure. I'm not very far in DS, and I've pretty much finished WinterTusk, so I have very little to do now.

Tara DragonRider,

Leve 56 ice.

Nov 09, 2009

Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem, only I don't know where I left off. I've looked at the quest lines/trees and can't figure out where I stopped, as I stopped playing for several months. I can't even find zarathax to see if he has anything for me, and laszlo has nothing. Share your wisdom, if you found out where to go! It seems a LOT of players are having this problem. This isn't right


Cheyenne JadeCloud
Lvl 56 Fire