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Help with foe of foes quest

Feb 09, 2009
I`m at a loss here, I`ve been trying to activate the crystal stand for the sea lord and nothing happens! I`ve defeated Trapper Kepper and this is my only quest in DS. I am i missing a pre-quest or is this a glitch?

May 20, 2010
After you defeat Sandor Spearcaller, you must also talk to him. He will then send you back to Laszlo Starblade.

If you have the "Foe of Foes" quest already (which you'll have if you did the above correctly), you need to stand next to the Kraken statue to activate the Crystal and summon Sysiphan.

Be sure your quest helper arrow (CTRL+T) is on to help guide you to the right location. You may need to walk around to different vantage points of the statue to get the "X" to appear. Switching realms might also help.

If that doesn't work, then send in a ticket to Support.

Oct 24, 2009
Is this in the Tower Archives? Or the Plaza of Conquests? Yes, others including I sometimes face problems unable to turn a quest in after completed. Send a ticket to Customer support, they'll help ya and that's the best choice.