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Help Please! Help Please!

Jul 25, 2010
I am a level forty eight pyromancer. At level Forty seven I was talking to .......... and skipped through, because i wanted to hurry up and get to the new quest, so I did that and then when I was done it hadnt given me that quest. I looked everywhere, I was supposed to get my portal to the Academy next and I was in the academy and all of my quests took forever to get there because I didnt have the portal. I really need help, i'm a member, and I pay for this by myself so i really need to get it back. I have talked to everyone! Please help me, i'm at my end. Help! i worked so hard on this. begging you

May 20, 2010
There should be a relevant quest in your quest list. You can review the quests by clicking on the question mark in the upper left corner of each.

If Cyrus Drake doesn't have something for you to do, then you might need to go visit the Pyromancer's Tomb in the Necropolis and/or get the Fire Medallion.